It’s all about the kids. Okay, maybe it’s not all about the kids, but the kids play a huge role in our ministry.

We learned a long time ago that in order to make a safe, comfortable place for the adults to gather we first needed to make a safe, comfortable place for the kids. The children’s and youth programs at DGCC are geared towards spiritual growth and age-appropriate learning. We want the kids, no matter what their ages, to start learning and praying and loving in the way that Christ modeled for us. Because giving kids a firm foundation in Christianity is not just our choice as adults, it’s our responsibility.

Little Gems/Nursery (Birth-4 years old)

Children’s Sunday School (5 years old-5th grade)

Sitting through an hour-long adult worship service can be pretty tough for the young ones. All year long we offer Children’s Worship—a forty-five-minute-long worship service geared towards kids ages 4 through grade 5. The kids sing songs, do crafts, and learn the foundation of Biblical truth. We know that children are the future. We aim to equip them with the Biblical concepts they need to navigate today’s increasingly scary world.

Jennie Hoekstra, our Children’s Ministry Director, sends out a monthly newsletter.  Please contact her to be added to the list and if you have any questions.

Jennie Hoekstra

Children’s Ministry Director